Garden Reading Spot

One of my reading spots is the garden and as you can see in the photo, that is my son (yeah, I call my puppy my son just because I can). He’s the most destructive little guy i have ever met & yet the most caring and lovable living being alive.

I was outside reading while this little one played and I must admit that he is such a cute little monster. Luckily my book didn’t get damaged with his jumping on my lap. I ended up having to go inside and finish reading since he found it amusing to bring his toys and put them over the book.

Don’t think I didn’t want to play with him. Once I finished the last chapter when I went inside, I opened the door and let him explore the inside of the house. He was so happy he ended up falling asleep in my feet.

*PS: igabsphotography used to be the former name of my book blog ojitosperle on tumblr.


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