Book Review : Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Rating: 4.5 stars


We all dreamed about how first love would be and we also thought about it having an end.

Eleanor is a red haired girl that dressed in oversized clothes and lived a though life. Kids picked on her and she didn’t stand up for herself. Park is a sweet boy that loves comic books and is quite odd himself. Together they go on a journey to discover friendship, take on difficult obstacles and find love. These two sixteen year old misfits know that first love at some point ends but over the course of one year they are brave and desperate enough to give love a chance.

This novel made my heart feel so weak. In my childhood I was also picked on, wore oversized clothes and felt out of place. Eleanor’s backstory made me cry so much because it projected a similar situation I went through. Park’s good intentions just made me remember my first love. That need to find a safe haven even if it was in the arms of another. Everygirl wants that strong understanding guy to help her feel safe and Park did just that for Eleanor.

Wont keep giving to much details but know that you will love their story, so give it a chance and read this amazing book.


5 thoughts on “Book Review : Eleanor & Park

  1. J. M. Welker says:

    I loved her other book Fangirl. I wasn’t sure about this one after reading Goodread reviews. Now maybe I’ll try it


  2. forwardsandbookwords says:

    I loved Eleanor and Park! It’s so hard to pick a favorite Rainbow Rowell book but I think this might be mine. Their two stories were so sweet and seeing them come together made me laugh and cry. I’m glad you liked it too! Great review 🙂

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