Bookworm Problems


We have all been there. The moment when a friend or someone you know asks “why do you protect your books so much?” 

Those that don’t read much wont understand our passion and appreciation of such wonderful pieces that bring peace to our hearts and souls. I am the jealous type of bookworm. My books are not for lending, unless my mom picks one from my shelf but she’s also the jealous type so I know she will take care of my books. 

I have friends that beg me to lend them a book and the answer is always no. I did lend one book to my bff and when she returned it looked just how I gave it to her until I opened it. I wanted to torture her! It had a chocolate fingerprint on a few pages. When I asked her about it she denied it. I just wanted to know the truth and later on (like 5 months later) she told me that she did it by accident when removing the book from the dinning table. I wasn’t mad at her for staining the book, but for lying in first place. I did get to clean the stains as much as I could but when I look at that book I remember never to lend a book again.

So dear close friends that are always asking me to lend them a book, if you read this please know I am serious when I say NO to lending a book. I’d rather help you find the book as an e-book than lend my physical copy. No harsh feelings 😊


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