Reading Pet Peeves

We all have those little things that make us feel uncomfortable when reading or even thinking about anything related to books.

Here are a few things I dislike very much

  1. When books are destroyed. Think what you want, but all my books look like new, and  I’ve had some for years and have re-read many times and I never found the reason to why ruin my own books.
  2. Dog-eared pages. I would never do this. I’d rather find a letter, a piece of paper or whatever is close to mark my page rather than bend a side of the page. Ive even used my cell phone just to mark the page without dog-earing.
  3. Cracked book spines. This happens a lot with paperbacks, which makes me prefer hardcovers even more.
  4. Changing the design of a cover in the middle of a series. You can’t go from one amazing cover and then decide that another design is better. It just ruins the beautiful pattern.
  5. Characters that have no backbone. I don’t mean they have to always be strong and perfect, but I hate when they are constantly weak and dependent through out the entire book, event he entire series.
  6. Covers that don’t relate at all to a book. It’s just confusing and not attractive.
  7. Rushed endings in a book or endings that don’t seem like a real ending. Like, what just happened there? Why cut us off leaving us stupidly shocked with a messed up not well planned ending.
  8.  Inconsiderate readers who post spoilers without giving warnings. Please don’t ruin it for other readers!
  9. Readers that encourage others to not read a book. I’ve seen a few reviews that should be erased from this earth. How can you encourage others not to read a book or a series just because you didn’t like it? Don’t give reviews like that! I read so many bad reviews for books I own and I will say that they were completely wrong. Each and every reader enjoys certain genres or ways of writing more than others so don’t spoil it for them.
  10. Highlighted pages. O-M-G! NO NO NO! books are sacred! and I’ve seen the pages get all ugly after you highlight certain areas.
  11. Fake readers. I dislike it very much when people only read a book(s) because of the movie and they claim they are the biggest fan and long time readers.

I can keep going on and on but these are a few of my top pet peeves. Share with me a few of yours if you’d like.


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