Summer reading slump

I had been waiting for summer to arrive since August and now that it’s here I find myself wondering what to do.

Summer is about having fun, going to the beach, traveling, getting a tan, drinking piña coladas and what not. My summer has literally been binging on Netflix all day every day. I take a few mins off to catch up on my reading, but even my moods to read have been all over the place. Before I wanted free time to read, rest and just be a couch potato, now that I can be one I’ve been a reading slump and thanks to my Netflix binging I haven’t sleep properly. My sleep schedule used to be wake up at 6am go to sleep at 8pm, now I wake up at noon and go to sleep at 2am.

Today I finally finished reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, which means that I will be posting the review up soon.

PS. I have only read three books of my TBR pile for June. I’m so behind on my reading it drives me crazy just to think about it.


One thought on “Summer reading slump

  1. J. M. Welker says:

    Same problem here. I am going to adjust by sleeping slowly by half hours. As for reading slump, maybe I will ban tv/netflix/everything else. 🙂

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