Bookish trip to Orlando

Let me share with you one special trip that was epic. Yes, it is the reason I had been MIA and I must admit it was worth it.

I’m a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS for short), and this past week they held their national convention in Orlando, Florida. The convention is called ScholarCon; an unconventional convention that unites high achieving scholars from around the states in one same location with the purpose to create leaders, long lasting friendships and networking connections with future employers. So, as a marketing student that likes making new friends I had to go to ScholarCon. But that’s not the only reason I wanted to go; I went because it was my birthday gift, from me to me. I enjoyed celebrating my birthday with a few close friends and new ones. I got to meet different speakers and even had one of them sing happy bday to me in one of his sessions. 

As part of my birthday gift, from me to me, I had to go to Universal Studios. It was a must! 

I went two days to Universal and enjoyed it to the maximum. Let’s just say that by the end of each day I could barely walk or talk. I got to get on many rides & se the Harry Potter areas. Yes, I will share with you pictures of my adventure in the Harry Potter world, plus I will admit I wanted to buy a wand and had to control myself since there were so many to choose from.

In addition to that, we went to Downton Disney and enjoyed each and every store. I went cray cray at the Disney Store! I wanted everything and walked out empty handed, but I did go to the Goofy Candy Store and bought tons of sweets (a bit of a sweet tooth gal).
So, that is part of my bookish trip story. Later on I will share with you the details of my birthday celebration. Tons of crazy things happened right before my friends surprized me, but I’ll leave you wishing you could know more for a while.

Ps. In case you were wondering why bookish trip for the title of this post, it has to do with my bday gift from me to me, my birthday gift from my friends, and my goodbye Orlando gift from me to me. It’s not easy for a bookworm not to have a book close by. 😂


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