Bookshelf Selfie – Shelfie

On Instagram I do many book tags, like for example the shelfie. It’s super random and quite creative. Some people are in their shelfies and others, like myself, just let show my books. I’ve got nothing against appearing in the pictures it’s just that no one has actually asked me to post a picture of myself (which btw is ok with me since I usually post pics of myself with my books on my personal Instagram).

So here’s my shelfie! I love how the different plush toys I’ve got as gifts thru the years just interact with my books. It’s so cute!  & it actually fills up space. And talking about filling up space, I am dying to find the TMI books. It’s so lonely for their last book to be up there waiting for it’s buddies. There story of how I got that book is a bit sad but in the end it’s all good since I saved that book, but I’ll give you the story soon (that way I have topics to post about).

What do you think of my shelfie? Share with us your bookish shelfie 🙂


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