Currently have too many CR on my desk!

I love reading! It’s the best thing ever but when you hit a wall while reading, you feel as if you need to keep re-reading the same page over and over again until you go over it. My way of going thru the wall is to start reading another book just to let my mind focus on another topic so I can jump back to the original story I wanted to enjoy. That has proven to be a terrible thing because now I have three CR waiting for me to give them some love.

I began reading not so long ago The Testing and I just couldn’t go pass the third chapter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad book, I was just in a crappy mood and couldn’t focus. That let me to begin reading Dorothy Must Die Stories and I was so out of place that I ended up putting it down and not even looking at it for a whole week. Today I decided to read Finding Audrey and honestly it is perfect. So I might continue reading this book until I finish it and then I’ll go back to The Testing. It’s nice to feel as if this book will keep me motivated, it’s so good to finally feel free from all the fuzz that is in my head.

Have you experienced something similar? What did you do to get pass it? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Currently have too many CR on my desk!

  1. J. M. Welker says:

    Amen! I just did something about it today. I gathered my 15 or so library books, slight exaggeration, and saved only the ones I felt I wanted to read in that moment. Then I gathered ARCs and put the most desirable on top. Feeling good about it. Not so weighed down. I had 5 CR and am only going with two for now. Although, I am currently watching TV and surfing on my phone. 🙂

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