Favorite Bookmarks in my collection

I own about 15 bookmarks but there are always a few that I choose everytime I begin reading a new book.

Here are four of my favorite ones and how they came to be mine.

Cat Bookmark – it used to be my aunts favorite bookmark. We both had an obsession with cats and were determined to own everything that had cat images, cat quotes, anything that had a cat in it really. When she got married she left tons of her cat memorabilia for me and one of those things was this cat bookmark. I love love love it! I just love cats so when I found this baby in the box she left me I was super excited and happy. It’s my #1 favorite bookmark from my whole collection.

Fox Bookmark – this baby is a printable bookmark I found on Pinterest and honestly there was a time in which I had this small need to have many cute fox things like pins and images for my screensaver, and when I was searching for the images I remembered that I had found some printable bookmarks and that one of them was a fox. BINGO! I printed it out and have used it way more than the others, even though lately I have given it some rest since I noticed it was starting to bend a bit and I don’t want it to tear.

Cat in the Hat Bookmark – I bought this baby last year in my visit to Island of Adventures. I was determined to buy everything Thing One related, so I had picked the t-shirts that said Thing 1 and Thing 2. When I had reached the door after I had paid I noticed this bookmark in one of the shelves and I got so excited to see how cute the fish made it that I turned back and bought it. It’s a bit hard to use it since some times the fish part can tear the page a lil, but I still consider it my favorite just because it has to do with Thing 1.

Cat in the Hat PaperClip Bookmark – I bought it as a birthday gift a few weeks ago. My friends and I went to Island of Adventures to celebrate my birthday so once I had gotten everything I wanted from the stores I searched through the racks that had bookmarks just to find myself walking out without a bookmark. I was so so sad, and then we went to the Universal Store in the Universal park and there they had tons of bookmarks. That made me so happy and I felt happier when I found this beauty behind a few Harry Potter bookmarks. I left proud of myself just because I truly love Cat in the Hat thanks to Thing 1. I have used it on one book only and I must admit that the bookmark looks super cute on the book.

Do you have any favorite bookmarks? Care to share them with your fellow readers and bookworms? I’d love to see the bookmark that you enjoy the most. We all have different tastes and to know which design you love the most makes me happy just because you took the time to share it with everyone. 🙂


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