June’s Book Haul 

I visited The Bookmark and Libreria La Tertulia many times during the summer. There were times in which I found nothing that captured my attention but the few times I did find something I would get super excited. Here I present to you my June Book Haul.

When I found Gathering Blue I almost screamed of joy. I had been searching for it a whole year (I was in denial of ordering it online) and when I found it I felt proud of myself, and it was the last one they had in stock!

Now a fact I must state is that it’s a paperback – A PAPERBACK! I have the series in hardcover and this baby is paperback! and don’t get me started on how the first book has the movie cover (yes, my frustration is over-the-roof!).

Let’s move on to Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise. Before classes were over, I had ordered The Wicked Will Rise; the owner said I needed to wait two weeks for it to arrive. [this was in the beginning of May]. I visited Libreria La Tertulia on my last day of internship (to begin my summer break in June). Once I was there I remembered I had ordered the sequel to this story and can you believe that they still had not received any of the books that were ordered. The book arrived a month later after I had ordered it and I’m so grateful that it arrived two days before I left for my trip to Orlando. (I was a very happy gal since I got to read it during my trip).


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