Top 10 Bookstagrams I Totally Love

I’m a social media freak. No, I’m not those addicted people that need to be on social media 24/7, but because of my major and the job I wish to pursue I have to be active in the social media world. Heck! I don’t complain; my internship is based on social media performance so I embrace my appreciation for the different social platforms with tons of love.

There are a few social media platforms that I use, but the one that I pay more attention to is Instagram. Yeah, we have Facebook (in which some people post stupid things that make me lose hope in humanity) and we have Twitter (in which a few teens just abuse of it by posting tons of perverted comments that fill my TL completely and annoy me to the maximum). Instagram is based on how you captivate a person’s attention with just an image. Yes, you need the perfect caption that complements that picture, but the picture is the main star.

When I began my bookstagram, I was a bit lost on the style I wanted to portray; therefore, I decided to explore a bit and find other accounts that knew how to sell their images in a way that attracted many followers. I’m glad I did explore because I found so many amazing bookstagrams that left me speechless. Their pictures looked breath-taking, the way it all followed a pattern was flawless and it all had its special signature mark that made you connect with the owner of that account.

Thanks to the talented bookstagramers we have on Instagram, we can find inspiration and motivation. So here I will share with you the Top 10 Bookstagrams I Totally Love (they are not in order of which I like the most, I just love them all).

  1. Reading on Cloud 9
  2. Bookish Worlds
  3. Marine’s Books
  4. Giralka
  5. Craftasticness
  6. Demeriahh
  7. Aly Reads
  8. Book Vibes
  9. Book Baristas
  10. A Book Eater

Now please don’t get me wrong, there are many bookstagrams that I enjoy very much. Heck! I follow a lot of bookstagrams, but these amazing accounts need to be recognized and I think you should give them a look.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have. These ladies have a talent to amaze you with their passion for books and magical touch in each photography.

Have any bookstagrams that you enjoy? Would you like me to check your account and follow? Just comment it below and I will give it a look. 🙂


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