Bookish Movie Frenzy!

Yesterday I saw Paper Town! OMG I laughed way more than I expected. I read the book about three times last year so it was a must to go see the movie. It was a last minute thing, but I’m glad we stopped to see it. That’s the beauty of having a friend that worked at that same movie theater and now works for the “big people” that own the chain of movie theaters. xD

As you can see in the photo, I bought a Paper Towns’ t-shirt. Actually I bought two, the one above and one that says

“the town was paper but the memories were not”

If you haven’t read the book then what are you waiting for? After you read the book, then you should watch the movie (just my advice). As I said before, I laughed a lot and fell in love with the story all over again.


***Procede with Caution***

I was a bit sad that there were a few scenes from the book that weren’t added to the movie, but they made up for those scenes by adding Radar’s girlfriend to the road trip. If you read the book you would know that she rarely appears and it was such a nice thing to add her. She gave it a special touch in the movie. Even the author, John Green, was surprised with how great she was in the movie that he wished he had done something like that with her in the book.


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