Romantic Reading Spot

Walking around can be relaxing, but walking by this beautiful view is even more relaxing.

I enjoy walking to my internship because I can enjoy the sight of the tourist coming in on Cruises, special spots that look perfect for romantic dates, children laughing when the pigeons land on their arms trying to take the food of their hands, and so many adorable things that can cheer any person up in the morning.

For this week’s Reading Spot I’ll choose the romantic spot. I’ve seen so many cute couples eating cotton candy while staring at the sea, sometimes I see the elderly reading the newspaper while drinking coffee. One day it will be me sitting there enjoying a nice cup of lemonade while reading a good book.

I think I need this view for relaxation. People sometimes forget that young adults don’t have it as easy as they think. Yeah, some of us are addicted to electronics, social media, partying and whatnot, but there are many of us that work hard to reach our goals. We are stereotyped and judged thanks to a portion of reckless young adults that mess things up. The elderly look down at us, store managers think we are savages that will steal and mess their job, employers think we are a joke, and so many just turn their heads away. Come on people! you were once young and reckless, or maybe you were part of the few that couldn’t enjoy their youth because they had to make a life for themselves, or had to help the family stay afloat. Heck! we all have different backgrounds, but I think we (the young adults) would be more respectful and more appreciative if adults actually try to understand how hard we have it. It doesn’t matter how much technology we have at hand, just because of it we will have it hard and the more technology advances, the harder it will get. So, yes! I need to take a day off and enjoy this reading spot. I need to push aside all the STUPID comments adult make judging our hard work and just catch up with my TBR pile, I’m way way behind.


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