Bookish Review: Finding Audrey


Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella
Rating: 4 stars


Fourteen-year-old Audrey suffers from an anxiety disorder and she is slowly trying to make progress in getting better or at least knowing how to control her anxiety episodes. When Audrey’s doctor, Dr. Sarah, gives her the task to film everything, she gets to know her brother’s gaming teammate called Linus. As her friendship with him deepens, her recovery gains momentum, she begins to feel love and while dealing with everything that surrounds her, she and her family will learn how to get better by being together.

Honestly, I love Sophie’s writing. From the beginning my attention was captured. This novel is easy to relate to, even if I’m not a teen. I used to deal with my mother screaming at me to stay away from the computer (yes, I used to be a gaming freak) during my teens and during my childhood I used to have tons of anxiety attacks
. This novels helps us see a different perspective, not only from the eyes of a teen, but in the eyes
of someone that has a lot of pain and is trying the best to get better.

There were a few hiccups here and there in which I think there could be improvement, but apart from that I loved the novel. I would re-reading again with no problem and totally recommend it to my friends and fellow bloggers.


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