Bookish Thought: Listography

Since a very young age I found myself writing down a few special things in random small notebooks or journals. Now that I’m older I found a book called Listography: Your life in lists. It’s quite fun to fill out. It made me think about many things that I’ve done and wish to do.

The idea of this book is to answer all the questions it has by listing things down. There are questions like

  • List your favorite websites
  • List your biggest sins
  • List the best days of your life

and so much more that actually is fun to read after months without sitting down to answer other questions.

I had also found another version of it called Love Listography: Your love life in lists. This book is between the love-hate feelings. There are things I enjoy remembering and others that I can barely stand. Love isn’t easy and that’s the beauty of it, that it makes you fight for it, but when you reflect on your own love life you notice that there were a few hiccups that you really didn’t need to deal with, but hey! the idea of the book is to list things down so when you get older you can read it and see how foolish and young you were. So to share a few questions it has there is

  • List the people you have kissed
  • List the things that turn you on
  • List places you like to go on date

and much more.

If you ever find yourself a bit bored and up for going down memory lane these books are for you. I’d share a few answers, but I actually want to wait a while so I can finish it and then maybe I can write about it.


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