Book to Movie Trailer Frenzy!

So, for those that know me would already imagine how excited I would get if I saw the trailer for Gillian Flynn’s books as movies.

For Gone Girl I went crazy a few weeks hyped and anxious. I needed to see it! I was so excited it was the only thing I would talk about. Reading the book was amazing! Amy is a goddess! & don’t think I’m a creep or weirdo but she executed her plan perfectly because in the end, even if the cops knew what she had done, no one could prove it. My friend studies Criminology and she is now also obsessed with the novel.

Now, I am super excited for this other movie. As some might know, Dark Places will be made into a movie and I just saw the international trailer. I AM IN LOVE! I NEED TO SEE IT ASAP! There is no going around it!

I know, I’m using tons of exclamation points and I am literally screaming in my head. Thrillers are my weakness and I just love how the book can keep you all tangled up with the story; now imagine it as a movie. Exactly! Gone Girl kept me on edge, both movie and book. I really want to feel the same with Dark Places. I need to re-read it before it comes out.

Below is the trailer so you can enjoy it with me. 🙂


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