I’m back to reading! 

Hello my lovelies! I’m back!

So sorry that for five months I had been MIA. I started in August my senior year in college and I must admit that it’s harder than I thought. 

I had been taking six courses, working and doing an internship; therefore, my free time was spent in sleeping, eating and doing HW. Not to worry! I survived! I passed all my courses, finished my internship and got my well deserved vacation from work. 

Even though I now celebrate, my vacation from everything is almost at it’s end. In a week classes start and I also return to work, which means I won’t be able to read as much as I’d like to since I only need six more courses to Graduate in May. 

Anyways, I’ll continue to add more gems to my collection. I may not be able to read as much as I’d like but I do buy books each time I find one I really like or want. Soon I’ll be posting my CR and catching up on my Book Hauls. Don’t even ask about my TBR ‘cuz it’s a disaster.  

It was nice updating you my lovelies. I missed writing about my reading adventures very much. 


– Gabii ❤️


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