Cold Reading Spot

I live in a tropical island which means the weather is always hot and humid or it’s simply raining. There is no in-between to actually feel like you can enjoy the day without complaining at least twice about how you feel because of the weather. I surely can’t complain of my summer because I spent 12 days away from home enjoying a nice cruise to Alaska. Wish the cruise had been 12 days but unfortunately it wasn’t; I spent one week in Alaska and the rest of the days in Seattle.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, the weather was perfect! Like literally perfect! I enjoyed the sun while there was this cold breeze. We don’t have cold breezes in Puerto Rico, it is always hot and humid or raining. There is no cold unless you have and A/C in your house or if you’re hiding away at the Mall.

The point is that I enjoyed a good read while being in Alaska. I bought a few books while I was there and when we were cruising to the next port I would just go up to the deck and enjoy the nice cool weather while reading a book in ALASKA. Like! I can’t believe it yet since I had as a background snowy mountains. Unfortunately, I completely spaced-out and didn’t take a photo of the book with the snowy mountains, but I did use all the space in my phone and GoPro with all the photos a took of the scenery. If I could I would go back and just stay there cuz’ the heat here in the island is T E R R I B L E.

So for this weeks reading spot I choose Skagway, Alaska.

PS. I really really wanna go back and maybe even move to Alaska. I don’t know where precisely, but I know I wanna live there.



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