Cold Reading Spot

I live in a tropical island which means the weather is always hot and humid or it’s simply raining. There is no in-between to actually feel like you can enjoy the day without complaining at least twice about how you feel because of the weather. I surely can’t complain of my summer because I spent 12 days away from home enjoying a nice cruise to Alaska. Wish the cruise had been 12 days but unfortunately it wasn’t; I spent one week in Alaska and the rest of the days in Seattle.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, the weather was perfect! Like literally perfect! I enjoyed the sun while there was this cold breeze. We don’t have cold breezes in Puerto Rico, it is always hot and humid or raining. There is no cold unless you have and A/C in your house or if you’re hiding away at the Mall.

The point is that I enjoyed a good read while being in Alaska. I bought a few books while I was there and when we were cruising to the next port I would just go up to the deck and enjoy the nice cool weather while reading a book in ALASKA. Like! I can’t believe it yet since I had as a background snowy mountains. Unfortunately, I completely spaced-out and didn’t take a photo of the book with the snowy mountains, but I did use all the space in my phone and GoPro with all the photos a took of the scenery. If I could I would go back and just stay there cuz’ the heat here in the island is T E R R I B L E.

So for this weeks reading spot I choose Skagway, Alaska.

PS. I really really wanna go back and maybe even move to Alaska. I don’t know where precisely, but I know I wanna live there.



MIA for too long

Hello my lovelies! I am B A C K !

It has been quite a year since I last posted and I am so sorry about that.

It was my last year as a college student and well, all my time was invested in getting excellent grades so I could graduate with an appropriate GPA (appropriate for my standards) and I must admit that in the end it was all worth it.

Even though I didn’t post as much as I would have liked, I did read a few novels and had so many lovely experiences that now in my free time I can share them with you guys. 😀

Truth is that I also want to organize this baby again, maybe do a makeover and keep it alive and interesting. I have so much time in my hands now that I believe I can keep Ojitosperle updated, as well as keep my bookstagram trending with amazing photos I can take of my always growing bookshelf.

Anyways, I am going to sit down and pick out the books I’d love to share my review about.

– ttyl

XOXO, Gabii.


CR: Black Widow by Margareth Stohl 

I began reading it almost two weeks ago. It is shocking to realize that since the semester kept me from reading I kinda lost my reading edge. I used to take from three days to four hours to read a book and this is one feels like is taking forever. 

As far as I’ve read, the book is great and interesting. We’ll see what happens.

I’m back to reading! 

Hello my lovelies! I’m back!

So sorry that for five months I had been MIA. I started in August my senior year in college and I must admit that it’s harder than I thought. 

I had been taking six courses, working and doing an internship; therefore, my free time was spent in sleeping, eating and doing HW. Not to worry! I survived! I passed all my courses, finished my internship and got my well deserved vacation from work. 

Even though I now celebrate, my vacation from everything is almost at it’s end. In a week classes start and I also return to work, which means I won’t be able to read as much as I’d like to since I only need six more courses to Graduate in May. 

Anyways, I’ll continue to add more gems to my collection. I may not be able to read as much as I’d like but I do buy books each time I find one I really like or want. Soon I’ll be posting my CR and catching up on my Book Hauls. Don’t even ask about my TBR ‘cuz it’s a disaster.  

It was nice updating you my lovelies. I missed writing about my reading adventures very much. 


– Gabii ❤️

Bookish Review: To all the boys I’ve loved before


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han
Rating: 4.5 stars


Lara Jean is just like any other teen girl. She  had many crushes and instead of openly admitting her crushes, she instead wrote each boy a letter about how she felt, sealed it, and hid it in a box under her bed. But one day she discovers that somehow her secret box of letters had been mailed, causing all her crushes from her past to confront her about the letters: her first kiss, the boy from summer camp and even her sister’s ex-boyfriend. As she learns to deal with her past loves face to face, Lara discovers that something good may come out of these letters after all or did it?

Jenny Han’s novel was perfect, an actual copy of a teen girls life. Super relatable, funny, and so cute! Lara at a few parts did make me feel a bit anxious, but I have to give it to her: dealing with her past lovers is not easy, specially if one is her sister’s ex boyfriend. Even I would feel weird if that were to happen to me, but I’m the oldest and live far away from my siblings. I will admit that I would have loved to grow up with a cute neighbor, but I’m not part of the lucky few that do.

YOU MUST READ THIS NOVEL! I can’t wait to read the sequel: Ps. I still love you.

Book to Movie Trailer Frenzy!

So, for those that know me would already imagine how excited I would get if I saw the trailer for Gillian Flynn’s books as movies.

For Gone Girl I went crazy a few weeks hyped and anxious. I needed to see it! I was so excited it was the only thing I would talk about. Reading the book was amazing! Amy is a goddess! & don’t think I’m a creep or weirdo but she executed her plan perfectly because in the end, even if the cops knew what she had done, no one could prove it. My friend studies Criminology and she is now also obsessed with the novel.

Now, I am super excited for this other movie. As some might know, Dark Places will be made into a movie and I just saw the international trailer. I AM IN LOVE! I NEED TO SEE IT ASAP! There is no going around it!

I know, I’m using tons of exclamation points and I am literally screaming in my head. Thrillers are my weakness and I just love how the book can keep you all tangled up with the story; now imagine it as a movie. Exactly! Gone Girl kept me on edge, both movie and book. I really want to feel the same with Dark Places. I need to re-read it before it comes out.

Below is the trailer so you can enjoy it with me. 🙂

July Wrap Up

July was a very very slow month for reading. The only book I finished from my TBR Pile was Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. I know, I know, at least I read a book while there are people that don’t read books at all.

If I have to think of a positive thing from this month it’s that I got my friend to read Gone Girl. She still had not seen the movie so she was trying to get me to spill some spoilers. I hate spoiling the experience of reading so I tortured her by asking bits and pieces of what she had read and if she still had not read it she would go crazy trying to read as quickly as posible to get to that part. Once she had finished it she blew my phone with tons of texts messages of what she thought about the book. Her major is on criminology so she felt cheated with the story since she didn’t figure it out.

So, even if I read one book at least I had some else read. I knew she disliked reading and now she finds it fascinating. 😊

What’s your wrap up for this month?


CR: Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

So far so good. It’s has 503 pages and I stopped in page 41. Needed a small break so I could post this. I tend to forget to post my CR or actually anything that I know I need to update about.

I didn’t read Beautiful Creatures, but I did see the movie. From the beginning of this book I assume that the first novel didn’t end the same way so I am dealing with the fact that a few things do seem odd to me, but that’s because I didn’t read the book. Forgive me for commiting such a sin, once again. (First with the Rosie Project books and now with Beautiful Creatures one) 😂 

Anyways, what are you currently reading? 😊

Bookish Thought: Listography

Since a very young age I found myself writing down a few special things in random small notebooks or journals. Now that I’m older I found a book called Listography: Your life in lists. It’s quite fun to fill out. It made me think about many things that I’ve done and wish to do.

The idea of this book is to answer all the questions it has by listing things down. There are questions like

  • List your favorite websites
  • List your biggest sins
  • List the best days of your life

and so much more that actually is fun to read after months without sitting down to answer other questions.

I had also found another version of it called Love Listography: Your love life in lists. This book is between the love-hate feelings. There are things I enjoy remembering and others that I can barely stand. Love isn’t easy and that’s the beauty of it, that it makes you fight for it, but when you reflect on your own love life you notice that there were a few hiccups that you really didn’t need to deal with, but hey! the idea of the book is to list things down so when you get older you can read it and see how foolish and young you were. So to share a few questions it has there is

  • List the people you have kissed
  • List the things that turn you on
  • List places you like to go on date

and much more.

If you ever find yourself a bit bored and up for going down memory lane these books are for you. I’d share a few answers, but I actually want to wait a while so I can finish it and then maybe I can write about it.

Bookish Review: The Wicked Will Rise


The Wicked Will Rise (Dorothy Must Die pt.2) by Danielle Paige
Rating: 4.5 stars


If you read Dorothy Must Die, you know that Amy had one goal: kill Dorothy. Now in this second novel Amy was given a new mission: remove the Tin Woodman’s heart, steal the Scarecrow’s brain, take the Lion’s courage, and then Dorothy must die…all to make Oz a free land again. But as we all know, not everything was going to be easy so Dorothy is still alive, the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked has vanished, and mysterious Princess Ozma might be Amy’s only ally.

As time goes by, Amy begins to learn the truth about her mission and how she has only scratched the surface of Oz’s past and the fact that her home may also be in danger. So, in a place where the line between good and evil shifts with just a strong gust of wind, who can Amy trust—and who is really Wicked? Of course, you will only know if you read both books and their prequels. So sit down, get a plate of cookies, a cup of coffee and start reading! I’m not planning on giving spoilers so you will have to read it for yourself.

There are no specific words that I can use to express my obsession with these stories. I don’t care if some people dislike these books, I LOVE THEM! Honestly, who doesn’t like a twisted version of a classical book. Danielle’s writing is on point! Yeah, a few things could be better, there is always space for improvement, but even with all the small details that could be fixed the story is amazing and I just can’t wait to continue living the adventure.