July’s Book Haul

Finally have reached this months Book Haul! 

From this pile I can’t wait to finish reading Finding Audrey (I’m Currently Reading it) and I can’t wait to begin Grey, Dark Rooms and Me & Earl & the Dying Girl. Those are my top four hype books for this month. 🙂

Which book from your book haul are you most excited to read?


June’s Book Haul 

I visited The Bookmark and Libreria La Tertulia many times during the summer. There were times in which I found nothing that captured my attention but the few times I did find something I would get super excited. Here I present to you my June Book Haul.

When I found Gathering Blue I almost screamed of joy. I had been searching for it a whole year (I was in denial of ordering it online) and when I found it I felt proud of myself, and it was the last one they had in stock!

Now a fact I must state is that it’s a paperback – A PAPERBACK! I have the series in hardcover and this baby is paperback! and don’t get me started on how the first book has the movie cover (yes, my frustration is over-the-roof!).

Let’s move on to Dorothy Must Die and The Wicked Will Rise. Before classes were over, I had ordered The Wicked Will Rise; the owner said I needed to wait two weeks for it to arrive. [this was in the beginning of May]. I visited Libreria La Tertulia on my last day of internship (to begin my summer break in June). Once I was there I remembered I had ordered the sequel to this story and can you believe that they still had not received any of the books that were ordered. The book arrived a month later after I had ordered it and I’m so grateful that it arrived two days before I left for my trip to Orlando. (I was a very happy gal since I got to read it during my trip).

May’s Book Haul

Yup! I’m totally late in posting my May Book Haul, but better late than ever, right? So here are the babies I bought in May. Could’ve been more, but my car had broken down so I was unable to drive almost two hours to the bookstore (such a terrifying thing! I live in that bookstore!).  From that haul I still need to read

  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaah Tahir
  • The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  • Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

I did begin reading  The Girl on the Train, but I was so distracted with finals that I put it aside and never finished it. So for that reason I say I haven’t read it since I don’t even remember what I read. (I feel like a terrible person for admitting to that). xD