Cold Reading Spot

I live in a tropical island which means the weather is always hot and humid or it’s simply raining. There is no in-between to actually feel like you can enjoy the day without complaining at least twice about how you feel because of the weather. I surely can’t complain of my summer because I spent 12 days away from home enjoying a nice cruise to Alaska. Wish the cruise had been 12 days but unfortunately it wasn’t; I spent one week in Alaska and the rest of the days in Seattle.

Now, where am I going with this? Well, the weather was perfect! Like literally perfect! I enjoyed the sun while there was this cold breeze. We don’t have cold breezes in Puerto Rico, it is always hot and humid or raining. There is no cold unless you have and A/C in your house or if you’re hiding away at the Mall.

The point is that I enjoyed a good read while being in Alaska. I bought a few books while I was there and when we were cruising to the next port I would just go up to the deck and enjoy the nice cool weather while reading a book in ALASKA. Like! I can’t believe it yet since I had as a background snowy mountains. Unfortunately, I completely spaced-out and didn’t take a photo of the book with the snowy mountains, but I did use all the space in my phone and GoPro with all the photos a took of the scenery. If I could I would go back and just stay there cuz’ the heat here in the island is T E R R I B L E.

So for this weeks reading spot I choose Skagway, Alaska.

PS. I really really wanna go back and maybe even move to Alaska. I don’t know where precisely, but I know I wanna live there.



Romantic Reading Spot

Walking around can be relaxing, but walking by this beautiful view is even more relaxing.

I enjoy walking to my internship because I can enjoy the sight of the tourist coming in on Cruises, special spots that look perfect for romantic dates, children laughing when the pigeons land on their arms trying to take the food of their hands, and so many adorable things that can cheer any person up in the morning.

For this week’s Reading Spot I’ll choose the romantic spot. I’ve seen so many cute couples eating cotton candy while staring at the sea, sometimes I see the elderly reading the newspaper while drinking coffee. One day it will be me sitting there enjoying a nice cup of lemonade while reading a good book.

I think I need this view for relaxation. People sometimes forget that young adults don’t have it as easy as they think. Yeah, some of us are addicted to electronics, social media, partying and whatnot, but there are many of us that work hard to reach our goals. We are stereotyped and judged thanks to a portion of reckless young adults that mess things up. The elderly look down at us, store managers think we are savages that will steal and mess their job, employers think we are a joke, and so many just turn their heads away. Come on people! you were once young and reckless, or maybe you were part of the few that couldn’t enjoy their youth because they had to make a life for themselves, or had to help the family stay afloat. Heck! we all have different backgrounds, but I think we (the young adults) would be more respectful and more appreciative if adults actually try to understand how hard we have it. It doesn’t matter how much technology we have at hand, just because of it we will have it hard and the more technology advances, the harder it will get. So, yes! I need to take a day off and enjoy this reading spot. I need to push aside all the STUPID comments adult make judging our hard work and just catch up with my TBR pile, I’m way way behind.

Beach Reading Spot

This weeks reading spot is … Can you guess? THE BEACH!

I went to the beach four days ago and even though my friends didn’t let me read in peace we had the best spot to read. 

As you can see in the picture above, we were a bit further away from the water and that’s because we found a spot under a few palm trees. The sun was trying to kill us so we hid under the palm trees for a while before we hit the water. 

The breeze was perfect. The water was perfect. The hotties that played volleyball for a while infront of us were perfect. Heck! It was just a perfect beach day. And to finish the amazing scenerio, we ate huge hamburgers with potato chips. I was a happy gal that day. 

Once I got home, I took a cold bath thanks to the terrible sunburn I got and then enjoyed reading my book. Honestly, I can’t complain. It was an amazing day and if I could go back I would, just to enjoy a good book, a piña colada & the view.

Window View Reading Spot

I enjoy a nice plane ride. Not much of a lover, but I enjoy it very much if I have a book in hand.

I think the first time I ever got on a plane was seven or eight years ago. It was scary and I felt as if I was going to have a panic attack (which didn’t happen at least). Now I take a plane easily, with a good book in one hand and a cup of hot coco in the other (or a frappuchino).

So, for this weeks Reading Spot I choose the window seat on the plane. It’s such a comfy spot; you have natural light, you can rest your head from the side, you can just lose yourself in the moment. I tried reading in the seat that is right in the isle and let me tell you that  it is terrible! People walk by and don’t acknowledge you reading so the bump into you and not even say they’re sorry (pshhh! rude people!).


CR this beauty while I visit my aunt.

It’s the first time since summer began that I go to the pool. I played a bit with my niece and then decided to read for a while. I had in mind to begin reading Hollow City since I finished Miss Peregrine’s last night but I decided to change the genre. 

Reading by the pool is so relaxing. I listened to my niece laugh, the birds sing and felt the air so cool on my skin. I enjoyed reading so much, specially while knowing that my mom was next to me reading. My passion for reading strengthens itself more and more when I see my mother sharing her passion for books with me.

River Reading Spot

Books are my safe haven & places like these bring so much peace to my messed up soul.

My family isn’t like any other family I know. Mine is distant and sometimes at war. Guess most families have their problems, but it still hurts. It’s a miracle they decided we should have a family road trip. It quite nice and calm; wasn’t expecting them to pick such a beautiful place to spend the day.

In case you were wondering we went to Toro Negro. It’s a tropical rainforest located between Orocovis, Villalba, and a few other towns which I don’t remember their names. The spot were we spent our time was hidden. Only those that have camped there know the way so we were lucky that we were the only ones there that knew.

I’d visit a place like this any day just to read and enjoy the view.

Boat Trip Reading Spot

Sorry I have been MIA. Needed a vacation from all the stress. Plus, I couldn’t say no to this amazing view 😍🌴😎

My bff’s dad has this amazing boat and he took us out for a ride. It’s been such a long time since I went to the beach. I got there looking pale and left with a sexy looking tan. Can’t complain.

I didn’t get to take a book to read a while but I will admit that it’s the perfect reading spot. Next time I’ll give it a try.

Garden Reading Spot

One of my reading spots is the garden and as you can see in the photo, that is my son (yeah, I call my puppy my son just because I can). He’s the most destructive little guy i have ever met & yet the most caring and lovable living being alive.

I was outside reading while this little one played and I must admit that he is such a cute little monster. Luckily my book didn’t get damaged with his jumping on my lap. I ended up having to go inside and finish reading since he found it amusing to bring his toys and put them over the book.

Don’t think I didn’t want to play with him. Once I finished the last chapter when I went inside, I opened the door and let him explore the inside of the house. He was so happy he ended up falling asleep in my feet.

*PS: igabsphotography used to be the former name of my book blog ojitosperle on tumblr.